23.03.2019 kl. 01:32

Am I running away from what's already perfect?
Am I constantly questioning what's already perfect?

Do I actually always go exactly where I need to go?

Am I making a living already?

Why do I have so much doubt?

Do I just follow my intuition and is it always right?

So many questions.

Do I need to do less? I should try relax this coming week. It's almost the last free week.

I hope I win the illustration contest.

Frienship is the most important thing of all.

I'll be back.

Need to write all down. 
Be grateful for what you have. So so important.

But yes.. next week.. I should be CALM but also as productive as I can handle.. Relax. All is well. All is so well.

In my mind, things don't have a solution almost. But what if you'd trust that feeling you have when you're slightly.. you know. Very very calm. When the rational mind is turned off. Trust that feeling. Whatever you do trust your instincts more than your thoughts. I try to solve things but I think my mind can't solve them. All I can do is continue making, continue being, continue doing, continue feeling, continue trusting.


Relax. Surrender. Surrender.

Älskar livet ändå.

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